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Medical Information
By Roger Knapp MD



***  Voted Best of The Best 2011 Readers Choice Southlake Times

***  Chosen as the FortWorthChild Mom-Approved Pediatrician August 2012

*** Awards for 2013 ***


Recipient of 2015
Cook Children's Hospital Award
 for Enhance Retention and Citizenship





NCQA PCMH recognized at highest level for 2017-2018.

Top 17% of primary care practices in America. 


NCQA helps primary care practices transform into a PCMH quality clinic through its Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition Program.


Improve Quality: Patients get the treatment that they need, when they need it. 

Reduce costs: They prevent expensive and avoidable hospitalizations, emergency room visits and complications. This is especially true for patients with complex chronic conditions. 

Improve the patient experience: They provide the personalized, comprehensive coordinated care that patients want. 

Improve staff satisfaction: PCMHs have systems and structures that help staff work more efficiently. 



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For DFW Cook Children’s patients:
Starting March 1st, 2018 all Cook’s Clinics will switch to a new medical records software program.  It should be fun for this old brain. It will have a lot of good things but will take time to convert to the new system.  Your old access to your patient Portal will no longer work and you will have to register for “My Chart” in the new Epic software.  One good thing is that we can send in prescriptions for ADHD medications to the pharmacy without having to come pick up and hand carry it to them.   Yeah!  And your first visit you will have to enter some information that was already entered before.  Yuck. Sorry.   Bear with us… we are trying hard to make this happen smoothly.

Medical Articles
(This site is growing as more is added.)

"An essential quality of the clinician is interest in humanity,
for the secret of the care of the patient is in caring for the patient."

**** INFORMATION ON THE WWW.ROGERKNAPP.COM WEB SITE IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE and any information or materials posted on the web site are intended for general informational purposes only, and should not be substituted for personal medical advice, medical opinion, diagnosis or treatment. Any information posted on the web site is NOT a substitute for medical attention so please see your health-care professional for medical advice and treatment. Information at this web site is for educational purposes and since advice does not establish a doctor-patient relationship, medical advice for specific questions should always be sought from your medical provider who has complete access to pertinent patient information.  ***

If you want to search for unbiased factual medical information on the internet, go to Google Scholar. Simply search in the main google page for "google scholar". 

  1. Newborn Booklet for new parents.
  2. Newborn Supplies that you need to buy ... and not buy.
  3. Well check up advice by Dr. Knapp:
    Three Week Visit
    Two Month Visit
    Four Month Visit
    Six Month Visit
    One Year Visit
    Eighteen Month Visit
    Two Year Visit
    Three Year Visit
    Four Year Visit
    Six Year Visit
  4. Growth Charts:
    Girls' Weight Growth Chart graph for 0-3 yr.
    Girl's Height Growth Chart graph for 0-3 yr.
    Girl's Weight Growth Chart graph for 2-20 yr.
    Girl's Height Growth Chart graph for 2-20 yr.
    Boys' Weight Growth Chart graph for 0-3 yr.
    Boy's Height Growth Chart graph for 0-3yr.
    Boy's Weight Growth Chart graph for 2-20 yr.
    Boy's Height Growth Chart graph for 2-20 yr.
    Girl's Head Circumference graph for 0-3 yr.
    Boy's Head Circumference graph for 0-3 yr.
  5. Attention Deficit Disorder Articles:
    Understanding the problem
    Getting help
    Educational options
    Keep hope
    Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder over view and treatment
  6. ADD/School Problem Teacher Questionnaire Fill out and bring in for evaluation of school trouble.
  7. Acid Stomach.  Stomach acid and ulcer disease.
  8. ACL ligament injuries and how to prevent it
  9. Acne & Accutane Therapy of acne with accutane.
  10. Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency condition causes Emphysema early and affects kids future.
  11. Amoeba the brain eating germ
  12. Anemia why give vitamins with iron.
  13. Angry Child Article
  14. Anxiety issues in children.  What to do.
  15. Arsenic in food.
  16. Asthma Summer Camps for kids with moderate to severe asthma. USA list.
  17. Autism delay in communication development
  18. Baseball Elbow injuries and recommended pitches for age groups.
  19. Bed Wetting discussion of problem and treatment.
  20. Behavior We behave worse for the ones we love the most.
  21. Behavior working with school age children that are giving you a lot of trouble
  22. Birthmark hemangioma (red strawberry birthmark)
  23. Biting     Child is biting others
  24. Body Building facts about products sold to make more muscle.
  25. Bottles and Pacifiers use and misuse, when to take away
  26. Bowed legs and Knocked knee and the treatment
  27. Breasts in 1-2 yr olds Premature Thelarche
  28. Breast Cancer BRCA
  29. Breath Holding Spells looks like seizure.
  30. Bug Repellents use in children
  31. Calcium requirements.
  32. Car Child Restraints chart on size of child and type of restraint.
  33. Celiac Disease what it is about ... plus good recipe of pasta.
  34. Child Care facility Search
  35. Cholesterol when to test, and when to treat.
  36. Circumcision Circumcision#2   how, why, complications.
  37. Circumcision looks not complete and it sinks in!
  38. Coffee and Caffeine.  Health benefits and amounts in different drinks.
  39. Colds & Coughs what, when and how to treat
  40. Colic baby crying alot.
  41. Constipation how to treat it in infants and children.
  42. Contraception emergency pills to prevent pregnancy after unprotected exposure.
  43. Cord Blood Bank ... AAP Opinion
  44. Crib Safety 2011 new changes in law
  45. Croup Cough what and how to treat.
  46. Crossed Eyes.  They may not be crossed.
  47. Daycare Inspection, Retirement inspection, and Doctor's probation state lists.
  48. Delayed Development and ECI when your child is not progressing like others.
  49. Diaper Rash different kinds and treatment.                    See: Diaper Baseball by Pres. Reagan
  50. Differences in husband and wife ... money to discipline.
  51. Discipline recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics?
  52. Divorce Letter to parents and advice for helping children.
  53. Downs Syndrome health evaluation and growth curves and evaluation.
  54. Drug abuse what to do with the teen.
  55. Dysuria Painful urination and what to do.
  56. Ear Infection Inner ear ache information
  57. Ear Infection Swimmer's ear
  58. Ear Wax how to remove.
  59. Ebola  personal view on it Aug2014
  60. Enterovirus 68 Sept 2014 article
  61. Eye Vision Chart to screen your child's vision
  62. Eyes crossed.   Probably not.  See article.
  63. Elbow injuries from pitching baseball.  How to prevent.
  64. Encopresis Bowel Movement soiling of the underwear.
  65. Failure.  should you let your kids fail?
  66. Family Traditions and Crafts my ideas for yearly fun things to give harmony
  67. Fever and Dosage Chart for Medications; Tylenol and Motrin
  68. Fifth Disease What? All about it.
  69. Flat Feet what it is and treatment
  70. Flu incidence and types
  71. Fluid in Ears information.
  72. Games play board games
  73. Giving Medications to Children hints.
  74. Goose egg on head.  How to treat.
  75. Habits like thumb sucking and the like.
  76. Halloween Safety tips on safe holiday activity.
  77. Head Injury the four misconceptions on symptoms of injury.
  78. Head Lice How to treat
  79. Head Molded from lying on it.  How to avoid and fix it.
  80. Hearing what noise does to our hearing and damage to it.
  81. Hand Foot Mouth Disease info
  82. Heel Pain Sever's Disease teenager with heel pain.
  83. Hives.  Causes and treatments.
  84. Homework  Should you make them do it?
  85. Immunizations Schedule for Children.
  86. Injuries how to treat trauma like sprained ankles, jammed finger, goose egg on head.
  87. Internet Safety for children
  88. Itchy Bottoms Causes and treatments.
  89. Jaundice common problem in infancy (also see yellow skin .. 9-12 month olds)
  90. Keratosis Pilaris small bumps on outer arms and legs
  91. Knee Pain short info on it.
  92. Larva Migrans (Visceral & Cutaneous) Caused from dog poo !
  93. Learning Disabilities information
  94. Letter to your child on their 21st birthday.
  95. Lying about your past should you tell your children about your escapades of your rebellious years?

  96. Moles and Melanoma article about moles and their changes.
  97. Money teaching kids to handle money.
  98. MRSA methicillin resistant staph aureus.
  99. Multiplication how to learn the multiplication tables.
  100. Nasty behavior with other child.  Show and touch or playing doctor.
  101. Newborn Supplies what you need and not need for the baby.
  102. Newborn Supplemental Screening for 30 other inborn metabolic disorders.
  103. Night mares and night terrors what is the difference and what to do.
  104. Noise loud noise and damage to hearing
  105. Obesity.  A novel idea and plan
  106. ObamaCare coments
  107. Painful Urination What causes it and when to bring them in.
  108. Parenting ten good things to do.
  109. Pacifiers Do you use and when to start and stop
  110. Permission Form a permission form to leave with others when leaving your child.
  111. Picky Eater.  How to help your kids when they are fussy about what they eat.
  112. Pinworms.   what is it and how to treat it.
  113. Pink Eye is it pink eye or not?
  114. Pneumonia Does the X-ray really tell us?
  115. Poison Control where to look for poison control.
  116. Poison Ivy what and how to prevent and treat.
  117. Potty Training - My Advice; Article on difficult cases for those refusing.
  118. ProbioticsWhich are good
  119. Protein supplements for athletes.   NO.
  120. Rabies information
  121. Rash from sunlight on sun exposed areas. Rash small bumps on upper arms and legs.
  122. Reader slow or even dyslexic ... my personal thoughts
  123. Reflux of the stomach.   What it is and how to treat it.
  124. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever  Diagnosis and treatment.
  125. Rodent pests and pets.  (No they don't have rabies ... they have LCMV!)
  126. Runny nose what, when to call, what to do.
  127. Salt and iodine.  What should be in our diet.
  128. School what should be the emphasis and proportions of special classes.
  129. School Problem Form PDF  Form Doc File to evaluate your child's school difficulties.
  130. Scoliosis, Scoliosis#2 , Scoliosis Success story information about scoliosis
  131. Self Esteem.  How to build it up
  132. Sibling Rivalry suggestions when new baby comes or 1 yr. old with older sibling
  133. SIDS Sudden Infant Death prevention recommendations
  134. Sinus information
  135. Sling carrier for baby.   DON'T USE.
  136. Snake Bite information.
  137. Sore Throat Is it strep or not.
  138. Speech development first 2 years.
  139. Sprained ankle.  treatment
  140. Stomach Aches in school age, what to look for and how to treat.
  141. Strabismus  True or false crossed eyes.
  142. Stuttering in the child. Long article on causes and treatment.
  143. Sudden Cardiac Death in athletes
  144. Sunscreen recommendations
  145. Swimming Advice on programs for infants and children.
  146. Sweat if your feet or hands sweat too much... see Iontophoresis for treatment.
  147. Talking Back what do you do.
  148. Tear Duct Obstruction causes infant's eyes to mat up each morning
  149. Teeth when, what, why, care,
  150. Teeth knocked out tooth care.
  151. Teenhealth
  152. Thrush information (the white stuff in babies mouth)
  153. Thumb sucking and other habits.
  154. Time Out and beyond  for discipline
  155. Toe in (Pigeon toed) and toe out
  156. Toe turn blue hair tourniquet around toe
  157. Tonsillectomy when do we take out tonsils.
  158. Traditions Family traditions.... why and suggestions
  159. Trampolines safety information about use
  160. Traveling to Countries when to get vaccinated to Hepatitis A and get Malaria Medicine.
  161. Ulcers what really causes them and how we permanently cure them.
  162. Umbilical cord infection? what to look for if infected.
  163. Vaccinations to vaccinate or not. Risks/benefits.   Mercury/Thymersol Controversy
  164. Vaccine Handouts by CDC   Vaccine Handouts by CDC
  165. Vaccine Schedule for children;  
  166. Vitamins, RDA and nutrition and minerals
  167. Vomiting & Diarrhea information
  168. Waking at Night what to do when they wake up at night as a toddler
  169. Wart Treatment different than the doctor freezing it.
  170. West Nile .... incidence
  171. Why Study.   what to say when your teenagers say "Why am I learning this".... and "I don't need to know this."
  172. Yellow Skin skin turns yellow around 9-12 months old.
  173. Zika Feb2016 update

Looking for child care center?  Search for one near your zip code and also see if there are any inspection violations and what violations they failed.  Check up on your center to see if they passed.  Search the database for a center, then click on the name and then click on the year of violation to see details.


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