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Diaper Rashes

There are several kinds of categories.

1. Infections

        Bacterial like Strep and Staph
        Fungal like yeast (Monillia)

See: Dr.Sears http://www.askdrsears.com/html/8/T081400.asp

2. Vitamin & Mineral deficiencies 
        Zinc deficiency

3. Allergic reactions
        Contact allergy to diapers or diaper wipes

4. Prolong wetness
        Not changing the diapers soon enough

The infections with Monillia is recognized by the solid redness with satellite bumps around it.  This is cleared up quickly with anti yeast creams.  You can use the vaginal yeast creams like Monostat 7, or call the doctor for a prescription.  Staph bacteria causes only red bumps with some having a white head on them.  Treat this with antibacterial soaps (lever 2000) and antibiotic cream.  Come in for antibiotics if not clearing up quickly.

Also Strep can infect the skin around the anus and cause a very tender anus with redness around it. This is more frequently in 1-3 year olds and can be treated with oral antibiotics.  It will not clear up with creams.

Strep infection

Zinc deficiency called Acrodermatitis Enteropathica can cause a rash around the mouth and diaper area.  It does not go away with creams and is treated by giving zinc.  But this should be rare since zinc is in the formula, breast milk and we recommend vitamins with zinc after 1 year old.

The most common cause of rash is a reaction to diapers or diaper wipes.  The best thing to clean them up with is water and paper.  Try changing diapers or stopping the wipes for awhile and see if it clears.  

The other cause is prolong wetness.  But it is impossible to catch them right after wetting their diaper.  So clean them with water and paper and put Vaseline or A&D Ointment on them after every diaper change. If they get a rash, then put diaper rash ointments on them.  They frequently get rashes with diarrhea so keep them greased up good when they have diarrhea.... or better yet every day.  If they get a rash from diarrhea, the best cream is Dr. Smith's Ointment. Or if you are daring, try air drying the rash.  (I tried that with my child with disastrous results.  What a mess.)

Also what is good at treating or preventing diaper rashes is my "BoBo cream".  You can also treat itchy bottoms and vaginal areas in older kids with it. (Also good for older adults hemorrhoids!)  You mix the four ointments and creams listed and pictured below in equal volumes.  Be sure to get the correct ointment or cream. 
1. A&D Ointment
2. Antibiotic Ointment
3. Hydrocortisone Ointment
4. Lanacane Cream.
Mix all four thoroughly. Apply once or twice a day.

Dr. Knapp