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Two Month Well Visit

The baby should be smiling and cooing. The vision is now clear and they are looking at things more intently.  The next development is rolling over.  This is occurring at a later age than before since we are sleeping them on their backs, so rolling is 2 to 5 months and sometimes 6 months old.  What age the infant roles, crawls, and walks does not necessarily correlate with  intelligence.   Sooner means they are more active so sooner is not necessarily better.   They may accidentally role over, but when they learn to role it will be every day.  

They also develop drooling and chewing this month but this is not teething. The majority of babies erupt their  teeth after 6 months old, but all drool and chew at this time. Teething does not cause fever or crying a lot at night, so if your baby is ill, please call for an appointment.  Plus this isn’t teething, just drooling and chewing. The latest I ever saw was a baby in for the 18th month check up with no teeth yet.  And he was drooling and chewing  at 2 months old.  Sooner is not better in rolling and walking cause they are more active; and sooner is not better in teeth because late teeth are stronger and have  fewer cavities ; and third, sooner is not better in foods because of food allergies.  Please hold back starting many foods until the baby really needs them. Babies are eating a lot and you should continue feeding them as much breast milk or formula as they want.  It’s OK to give rice cereal in bottles or feeder if they are starving but try to wait.  Cereal does not make them sleep through the night any sooner.  You can use a spoon if you want, but they will do better with the spoon at 4 months. You may give apple juice for constipation, if needed.  Do not start vegetables or meat till 6 months. All they need is breast milk or formula till 6 Months old so the cereal or juice is as-needed only.    Check the growth charts and see that the height and weight are going up the curves in the normal range. 

They may go out and travel but keep them away from people who are ill.   If it is sunny, you can put sunscreen on them.  If there are a lot of insects, you can put a piece of mosquito netting or the mesh cover that they sell to protect the infant over the carrier.    We would like you to wait until 6 months to use Off.

They are learning your face now so get the parents’ face in their vision as much as possible and talk a lot to them. Smile a lot to them so they will smile. Pick them up when they cry to find out what’s wrong. You are not spoiling them. You will not spoil them until 9 months old or older.  They are bonding with you now. 

The colic should be about gone and they are a happier baby now who should be near sleeping through the night.  However if your baby is waking in the night to feed, then he needs it.  Up to 6 months you need to get up and feed them.  After 6 months we will talk about letting them fuss it out to get them to sleep through the night.

Vaccinations will be given at this time.  They are given at birth, 2m, 4m, 6m, 1y, 18m, 4y.  Additional times may be needed.  The vaccine schedule has changed every year and sometimes more often.   I will not post here the schedule but be assured we will stay up with what is current and recommended by the AAP and CDC.  We will not give your infant a vaccine we know has a high risk of problems.  There is always a very rare risk of vaccine complications.  You will read on web sites and 20-20 type shows on TV how horrible and dangerous these shots are.  WRONG.  They do not cause Autism.  I will treat your infant as my own and knowing all the facts I would give these to my grandchild.  Plan on giving Acetaminophen (Tylenol) to your baby because they may have a sore leg.  They rarely run fever and usually are just fussy and tired.  Any reaction is during the next 24 hours.  If they are sick next week, that is not from the shot so come in.   You may give the Tylenol ahead of time or during the office visit.  The dose is at this web site.

The next visit would typically be at 4 months unless otherwise stated.

Dr. Knapp