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Protein Supplements for Athletes.


Protein drinks and muscle milk products make a lot of money convincing athletes to get more protein and many coaches and trainers have bought in to it. Studies show most teen athletes get plenty of healthy protein in their diet. Below is an example of protein in diets and shows it is easy to eat plenty of high protein food to help. Also studies show most of these protein supplements are contaminated with cadmium, lead, and mercury. Eating large amounts can give the body more lead/mercury than the tolerance level. Also studies show too much protein can harm the body. Most of these supplements contain whey protein reported to do better than casein proteins. But as one study said: "one might speculate that if the protein dose or intake is sufficiently high, it may not matter what that particular protein source may be.Ē

I do not recommend the protein supplements unless you are a vegetarian or just donít have time or money to eat correctly.

 Grams of protein in typical teenage servings of food:

Yogurt 23

3 eggs 18

Glass milk 16

6 oz steak 70

Hamburger 40

Pork chops 70

Chicken or turkey 65

Tuna or salmon 65

Tilapia 60

Navy Beans 30

Bacon 40

Jerky 26

Peanut Butter sandwich 12

Nuts 12

Daily Menus and protein intake:

Breakfast: Eggs bacon and milk 132

Lunch: Hamburger, Milk 86

Snack jerky X2 52

Dinner: Steak(or other meat), beans, milk 146

Snack jerky 52

Total intake 468gms of protein.

Recommended protein intake: 2 gm/lb X 180lb = 360