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Sunscreen and bug spray

Babies and children can get sunburned very quickly, even in the shade of the tree. They used to call it windburn, but wind cools you off. It was indirect sunlight bouncing off bright objects, like snow blindness. You can put sunscreen on them after 4 months old.  Use the spray kind or lotions that dry out quickly. You can put it on the cheeks and nose and forehead. You do not have to use the "baby" brands.  Get a 30 SPF (those over 30 do not protect you any better). Sunscreen does decrease cancer but the swim shirts that blocks UV waves work better. Put the sunscreen on the neck, legs, and arms.  There are no brands of sunscreen that are water proof or sweat proof.  Ignore the labels and the FDA is going to make them take those claims off the labels soon.   Dry the kids off every 2-3 hours and re-apply the sunscreen.

It is OK to use bug repellents on them after 6 months old.  The bug bites that carry diseases are worse than using these chemicals. For babies, use the sprays on your hands and then wipe it on their face.  Keep long pants and sleeves on them even in the summer. If the infant is asleep in the carrier at the park, cover the carrier with a piece of mosquito netting. That will cut down the sun and keep the bugs off.

Dr. Knapp