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Age What to look for: See MD if:
3 Months Baby listens to your voice. He coos and gurgles and tries to make the same sounds you make If your 3 month
old does not listen
to your voice.
8 Months Baby plays with sounds. Some of these sounds like words, such as "baba" or "dada". Baby smiles on hearing a happy voice, and cries or looks unhappy on hearing an angry voice. If your baby is
not making
different sounds.
10 Months Baby understands simple words. She stops to look at you if you say "No-no". If someone asks "where's Mommy?" Baby will look for you. Baby will point, cry, or do other things to "tell" you to pick her up, or bring a toy. I you 10 month
old does not
look when people
talk to him.
12 Months Fist words! Baby says 1 or 2 words and understands 25 words or more. Baby will give you a toy if you ask for it. Even without words, baby can ask you for something by pointing, reaching for it, or looking at it and babbling. If your 1 year
old is not
pointing at
favorite toys
or things he
18 Months Most children can sat "thank you" and at least 10 other words, and can follow simple directions like "bring me the shoe". If your 18
month old
cannot say
more than
5 words.
24 Months Your child can put 2 words together in a semi sentence, such as "go byebye" or "where's Daddy?". He can copy several words you say. She understands directions such as "in", "on", or "at". If your 2 year
old cannot say
50 words and
does not put
2 words

See each check up advice for suggestions on developing the speech.

Another Speech-language Development Chart:

Age Hearing Milestones Speech-language Milestones
Birth-3 months Startles to loud sounds, quiets when spoken to. Make pleasure sounds (cooing), smiles when sees you.
4-6 months Moves eyes in direction to sounds, notices toys that make sounds, pays attention to music. Babbling more speech-like sounds (p,b,m), makes gurgling sounds when left alone.
7-12 months Turns and looks for sounds, recognizes common words (cup, mama) Uses speech or noncrying sounds to get attention, imitates different speech sounds
12-15 months Responds to his/her name and "no", follows simple requests. Babbling increases using lots of vowels and consonants, says first words
15-24 months Points to a few body parts, Follows simple commands, points to pictures in book Says more words every month, uses 1-2 word questions, starts to put 2 words together.
2-3 years Understands differences in meaning, follows two requests. Has a word for almost everything, uses 2-3 word sentences.