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Nasty behavior? Playing Doctor?

What do you do if you catch your child showing their privates and such to another child the same age?  It is true that this behavior is common but as parents it is our job to tell them "DON'T!"  I would tell the parents of the other child about this behavior just to inform them.  The child typically will only do this behavior with a certain friend.  You should not allow them to play by themselves and they are always in sight of an adult. Or you may even have to break off the children's friendship.  You still can be friends with the other parents even though the two children cannot be trusted to play together.  You could let the children play when the other parents are over at your house or visa versa but still play in sight of adults.  Set down the rules if your child goes over to their friend's house... that is why you need to tell the other parents and inform them of your plan.  It is OK to tell your child that these are now the boundaries of your interaction with that other friend but if the behavior recurs, you will not play with that friend again.  But yes this behavior is typical (not really "normal").  Coming down on him will not turn him off to sex later.  So set them straight if this happens.  Just don't go balistitics.  It is quite common. But don't be afraid to come down on them firmly.
Dr. Knapp
ps: If there is a 3 year difference in age, then this may be child abuse.