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Premature Thelarche


This is a bilateral enlargement of breasts in 1-2 yr olds that is common.  There are no other signs of puberty development and the growth is normal.  As long as the vulva, labia, vagina are normal infantile, and there is no pubic hair, then nothing is done. 


Breast development occurs many times while growing up.
Stages when breasts may develop:

There can be breasts in 1-2 months old from the hormones in the breast milk.  They can put out milk and it was called Witchesí Milk in the old days.

There is Premature Thelarche at around 1 year of age that is not abnormal.  See: http://www.rogerknapp.com/medical/prematurethelarche.htm

There is breast development at puberty obviously in females but males at 11-13 years can also have a breast bud.  Usually a quarter size lump under the nipple that stays there for a  year or so and is tender like someone hurt it.  It is normal.  It does not happen to all boys.

And then there are old men breasts too.

 So donít be alarmed at these stages.

 R. Knapp MD