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Three Year Well Visit

Your child is growing taller but the weight is only going up 1 lb. per year of age (3 year old gains 3 lb., the 5 yr old gains 5 lbs, etc.). That means they eat very little.  Like we said in previous visits, the parent should put a balanced diet in front of the child and the child will eat enough food for them. If they do not gain enough weight, then it is the doctor’s job to test them to see what is wrong. It is not the parent’s job to make them eat. Do not fight the dinner table. Get a balanced diet in them the best you can, give them 12 oz of milk or more, and a chewable vitamin with zinc, and they will grow up normal.

      They should be talking well but miss pronounce words till 4 years old. Also do not be alarmed about stuttering at this age and it should be gone by 4 yr. also. Keep reading books to them and more sophisticated ones. Read 10 yr. old books to them with words they do not understand but will learn. Work on the recognition of the letters so they know         their letters. Learning the alphabet song is not helpful in reading. Learn the letters on sight.

   Many are going to the potty now but some may not go on it till 4 years old. Keep working on the positive incentive and they will eventually go on it. The night is totally different and may not be dry till grade school or Jr. High. See related topics in the medical section of the web page. The girls may frequently complain of burning when they urinate because of irritation to the vaginal area because they do not keep it clean. This will be very occasional and if it becomes several times a day and accidents start occurring, then see the doctor. If they rarely complain of burning, then work to keep the labia less irritated. Do not use bubble bath for either girls or boys and use a non drying soap like unscented Dove soap. Put a little Vaseline in the vaginal area after the bath so it does not get irritated.

   The temper tantrums should be decreasing this year as long as you do not reward them. Do not punish them but do not give in to them. Be consistent and keep the rules the same.

   Enjoy this year because they are so cute and say cute things now. No vaccination shots now but there will be more at 4 years old.

Dr. Knapp