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Newborn Supplies

Just what do I need and not need.  There are many items that are useful and some that are not helpful at all and are a rip-off. 

What I recommend above the usual stuff like bed and stroller and car seat:

  1. Swing.  Very important for fussy days
  2. Soft cloth carrier.  To carry baby on your waist.
  3. Small cloth.  For burps.  Many use cloth diapers.
  4. Vaseline. 
  5. Rubbing Alcohol.
  6. Any bath soap.  (I do not recommend any certain brand because what irritates one baby may not irritate another.)
  7. Any Baby Lotion and Eucerin Cream.
  8. Cortisone 10 Cream.
  9. Saline Nose Drops for infants.
  10. Thermometer ... digital for rectum or armpit. (not the newer armpit tape or ear thermowhatever. Not mercury thermometer since mercury is a poison and if it breaks... not good.)
  11. Any bottles and Nipples (shape or type is again variable as to what works best for your baby is best.)
  12. Bottled water.
  13. Formula (Get powder if Breast Feeding.). Any brand actually will be fine but be sure to have one with iron.  Buy small amounts at first to see if tolerated.
  14. Diaper rash ointment.  Desitin, Diaperene, or Dr. Smith's (very good.)
  15. Baby Oil.  Only for scalp.
  16. Mittens.  You cannot cut their fingernails short enough.
  17. Baby Books.  Buy several.  (I can't say one is better than another.) 
  18. Music.  Classical.  Or just calm soothing music.  It helps calm them.

You do not need:

  1. Bottle sterilizer. (We stopped sterilizing long ago.)
  2. Ear thermometers. (Too inaccurate.)
  3. Diaper Wipes (Irritating and most common cause of rashes.  Don't use them. Or get the "natural" kind that does not have Nitropropane in it.)

There are many other products on the market.   Just use your common sense as to whether the product seems like it really would help.  Or email me.