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Differences in husband and wife... checks and balances.

The husband and wife have different opinions about many things. For example one likes to party more than the other. The one that likes to get out more probably should not go so much and the one that likes to stay at home should get out more often. If both partners spend too much money, then they will go broke. So the one who spends too much should decrease their spending and the one that is miserly should spend more. Neither one is right. The proper amount is the compromise in between. And the parents will not agree on the discipline of their children. One will be harder and the other softer on the child. Neither one is right. The proper balance is the middle. That is not the problems of the marriage but the checks and balances of the marriage. If two men or two women raise a child, then the balance is not there. Donít look at these differences as a problem of your marriage. It is the good thing that you are different and both bring something special to the table. "Neither one of you are rightÖ find that happy middle between you."

Dr. Knapp