I have started weaving in 2014 on this "baby wolf" floor loom.   Actually I had done some weaving in Jr. High when I was 12 yr old.

One has to string the yarn up in lengths on a warping board,

  This is how I count the number of warps wound around the warp board.

This is how I tie warps together before removing from the warp board.

Feed the yarn through islets called heddles.

then through the reed and then hook up peddles below called treddles that raise shafts with different yarn in them.

I made a clamp to hold the frames containing the islet heddles up so it is easier to thread them.

I have a diagram of which heddles each yarn goes though.  I slide a piece of paper as I thread like the old fashion slide rule (showing my age there).

Then I use an app on my ipad to tell me which treddle to push and which yard to weave across.  It is called IWeaveIt

Also if you want to keep cardboard role off the ground or peddles, wrap them around lead sticks bungied to loom:

If you want to move some heddles from one shaft frame to another without them becoming tangled, here is how I do it.

Examples of some of my weaving:

Overshot weaving


Knots tying

Double weaving double layer waffle pattern with three colors

Weaving in Mythology and Literature

Warping the loom Back to Front

Another way to warp the loom back to front.

Color and Weave by Katie Gosko


IWeaveIt demo on Ipad app for weaving on a loom


  How to weave a pattern with supplementary Warp and Weft on a floor loom.

Weaving and clothing in Iceland and contribution of Vikings.


harvesting silk and weaving carpets in Turkey