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Sun Sensitive Rashes

A sun sensitive rash caused by the sun reacting with chemicals on the surface of the skin, not internally. There are rare diseases that have a sun exposure rash but this is discussing chemicals on top of the skin that can cause this rash. It only occurs where the skin is exposed to sunlight and where the chemical is on the skin. For example, it can be only around the mouth since the food product is on the skin around the mouth. Some of the things causing this reaction: limes, lemons, celery, natural grasses, carrots, oranges, parsley, parsnips, sagebrush, goldenrod, chrysanthemum, ragweed, cocklebur, tobacco, figs, garlic, hot peppers, hyacinth and daffodil bulbs, and certain types of soaps leaving a residue on the skin. It is diagnosed by leaving some skin without it and some with it and watching the difference after sunlight exposure.

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