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Knee pain.


Many children and adults have it. Over use causes "rough" cartilage under the knee cap and is called Chondromalasia (Wow… big word!). There is a diffuse pain around and under the knee cap after exercise. Doctors usually recommend less stress on them, and exercises and motrin.  If severe they can go into the knee and scrap the cartilage but that is rare. 

Teens get a condition called Osgood Schlatter where a tendon inserts at the top of the tibia shin bone is sore.  There is point tenderness at the top of the tibia about 1 inch below the knee cap. There is no cure for it and take your Motrin again and grin and bear it.

Sometimes the knee pain is from a problem at the hip in what we call Slipped Femoral Capit.  So we may sometimes Xray the hips and the knee. 

If the knee swells, locks up, has problems climbing stairs, the pain is worsening, or has point tenderness anywhere else, then see your doctor. If you are just getting old like me, take your motrin.


Dr. Knapp