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Wart Treatment


Warts are caused by a virus and only live so many years and then go away doing nothing. Certainly in the 1800’s and earlier people did not treat them. They just had warts. Now we treat them for cosmetic reasons and because they are in the way. Or if they are annoying like on the tip of a finger or where they get rubbed frequently and are painful. But they do not HAVE to be treated since they are not harmful to people. They can go away and frequently fall off after prolong soaking like at the lake or water park.

Any irritant will cause them to decrease. There are products on the market like Compound W and others that will eventually get rid of them and you have to put it on the wart every day and cut off dead tissue every day. People have used Methiolate, Steptic Sticks, and other acids. There are Salicylic Acid patches that you stick on them.

Then the doctor can treat them by putting blistering agents on them, freezing them, and cutting them out and burning them. Half of them will come back if you freeze them and they can come back in higher numbers. Plus it is sore for awhile afterwards.

There are two methods that will get rid of the warts almost half the time and when combined will get rid of them most of the time. Do both of these and you might not have to see the doctor.

1. Dr. Hansen reported good results with the acid sticky patches that you buy in the drug stores. But he recommended putting plastic tape over them. Remember when you wore a Band-Aid for a long time and your finger skin became white and soft. That allows the wart to release. First soak the area for 20 minutes in plain tap water. The he recommended using the acid patches and covering them with Duct Tape!!! Yes duct tape. Any color. The tape is left on 24hrs a day and if it tries to peal off, then retape over it with more tape. The tape and patch is removed once a week and the area cleaned up and dead tissue cut away. Another patch is applied and more tape for another week until the wart falls off.

2. Dr. Friedlander noticed patients treated with Tagamet for ulcers had their ulcers go away 40% of the time. Tagamet is safe and we treat 1 month old babies for 6 months with no complications. It does not make them drowsy. He treated them with a high but safe dose of 20 mg for each pound of body weight three times a day. So a 40 lb child would get 800 mg three times a day. That would be the maximum and not more than 800 three times a day. That is higher than the adult dose on the bottle but the label dose is too low and most adults should take 800 mg. You can swallow or crush up the over the counter pills or have the doctor call out the liquid form of it.

If doing these two things do not rid the wart in 5-6 weeks, then put up with it or see your doctor for the standard treatment.

Dr. Knapp