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Drug abuse in the teen?

Advice on handling adolescent using drugs (Most of this published in a journal):

  1. Require immediate cessation of alcohol and illicit drugs.
  2. Require immediate and permanent cessation of contact with drug using friends.
  3. Allow attendance at concerts only under mature adult supervision.
  4. Do not allow attendance at parties unless supervised by a mature responsible adult.
  5. Set an appropriate curfew unless accompanied by a responsible adult.  The adolescentís whereabouts should be known my parents at all times.
  6. Do not allow use of a car for at least 3 months unless the parents know where the teen is going and the parent checks on them.  Tell the teen that if that contract is broken, the state motor vehicle bureau will be notified of the drug problem and asked to suspend the teenís license until he or she has been drug free for at least 6 months.
  7. Give the teen only a limited amount of spending money.  Paychecks should be deposited and withdrawals should be approved by parent.  Consider changing or stopping the job because of the money used inappropriately and the influence by other at the work place to use drugs.
  8. Restitution should be made for any stolen items or destroyed property.
  9. Do not allow verbal or physical abuse.
  10. Initially require urinalysis on a random weekly basis.
  11. Lock up all alcoholic beverages and remove tranquilizers, amphetamines, barbiturates, and sleeping pills from medicine cabinets.
  12. Your teen is a minor in your house.  They have not attained full adult privileges.  So the parent has the right to search their room and even tap and record phone lines.  They have lost the right of privacy.  No phone in their room is a good plan.  What should they be saying to their friends that you should not be hearing?

Dr. Knapp