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Ear Wax Removal



Ear wax is yucky but not harmful. To clean it out do not use q-tips.

  1. Put wax softener med from store (Debrox, ceruminex, Etc).
  2. After 15 min flush the ear canal with body temperature water. This will not cause pain but a roaring sound. Some use a "water pic" for the teeth to irrigate the ear.
  3. The water will not cause infections if you use clean tap water.
  4. Some people put hydrogen peroxide in their ear to clean it out. The foaming action flushes some wax out.
  5. Then there is a Ear Wax Wick Candle that has a long tube and you actually light the end of it. WOW. I have'nt tried it but many think it works for teens and adults. What ever!!!

Keeping the wax out will not prevent infections but if too much impact the canal there will be a slight blockage of sound that does not reach the ear drum.  Our stethoscopes push the wax in our ears so we have trouble all the time.   Occupational hazard?

Dr. Knapp

 Ear Wax Removal Video