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Pacifiers in babies


Most parents will end up using them.  We can control and regulate it but you cannot stop the thumb!

When to start? It is OK to start at birth but first Breast and then pacifier.  If they do not latch on to the breast, then no other nipple.  But to nurse for an hour will give you sore breasts.
So breast feed for 15 min each side and then use a pacifier.  Controlled studies where they gave half the parents pacifiers and there was no difference in successful breast feeding.
There is less crib death when pacifiers are used.  It does not matter what shape of pacifier.  You will find out which one be trying different ones.

When to stop?  Use it as much as the baby wants the first year.  Between 1 and 2 years old, use it for sleep, church, restraurnts, car, etc. Do not let them walk around the house with it.
Then after 2 years old it is strictly in bed only.  Do not let them walk with it.  But it is OK to go to bed with them until 4 yr old.  If it makes going to bed more pleasant and it gives them
security in a dark bedroom, then keep it going.  But it they cry for candy all day the answer is no.  They will cry for too much TV and want to stay out all night as a teen ager.
So when they cry for the pacifier .... the answer is NO.   If you see the child walking around all day with it in their mouth,  maybe the child is running the house?

Dr. Knapp