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Itchy bottoms in 2-7 yr olds. 


There are several causes and the one most people think of at first is pin worms. They can sure cause it and especially at night. Little white threads 1 cm and moving in the stool or see them outside anus at night.   The medication for them is PinX and is over the counter.  There are several other causes of itchy bottoms.  Not wiping well or using chemical wipes.  Just use paper or water and paper.  Coat the area with Vaseline, A&D ointment, or my Bobo cream concoction at my web site under diaper rash article.  The itchy bottom can also be caused by a strep infection around the anus called “Perianal Strep infection.” It looks like this picture.  It is irritated feeling and they scratch it.  It is treated by oral antibiotics.  It is uncommon but I see one a year in my practice. Some people think it is just a rash but it is an infection that needs treating. Then there are yeast rashes and body lice that can cause itchy bottoms as well.  Yucky topic but common in kids and rarely adults.

Roger Knapp MD