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Probiotics have been debated for decades.  Half of the medical studies show they help various medical conditions and help your digestion and immune system.   But half the studies show they do not help.  It does not hurt to try them since they will not harm you.   Many products are not good since the healthy bacteria are killed by processing and by your stomach acids.  If the product says it has a billion units before manufacturing… then they do not promise how many life probiotics you are actually getting.  So most tablets and many capsules do not have may viable probiotic bacteria in them.  The products should promise how many their product supplies to your body.  The better products are refrigerated to keep them alive.  Also it might be a good idea to mix them in milk or yogurt to help them pass through the stomach acids safely.  Many ask if they should give probiotics while taking antibiotics.  If antibiotics harm the healthy bacteria then it seams to me they would kill the Probiotics.  So common sense says give the probiotics after the antibiotic is finished to put the healthy bacteria in the gut. 

 Here is a good brand I recommend.  Kids Raw Probiotics by Garden of Life. 
It is good for infants 3 months and older.

The Sunflower Shop has them as well as many health food stores.

Dr. Knapp