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Poison Ivy


Poison Ivy is around every summer.  If you are allergic to it then it will cause a blistery itchy rash a few days later.  If you get around it and come in right away, take a sudsy bath and put the clothes in the washer, then you will not break out much.  If you do get a rash, it is not contagious.  We thought it spread but we could not intentionally spread it.  What happened is that one area broke out in 1 day, another in 3days, and another in 5 days.  We thought we were spreading it but didnít.  Or you get out in more of it.  There are 10 plants out there that can give you the allergic rash but Poison Ivy is the most common.   Treat the rash with hydrocortisone.  If worse then get a Rx for stronger Steroid creams.  If all over and on the face, then call to get oral steroids.  Attached are pictures of the rash and the plant.


Roger Knapp MD