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This is a viral infection like a chest cold that occurs in the spring and fall.   The cough has a “seal bark” sound.  Some people think the croupy cough is the mucousy or congested cough (like a smoker’s cough). 
The seal barky croup cough is treated by humidity so run a vaporizer or take them into the bathroom and steam it up.  Or take them out into the cool night air.  If they have severe retractions on breathing
and every breath sounds barky like the cough, then take the child to the ER and they can give a breathing treatment.  Make an appointment to the doctor the first day of the cough and get a prescription of a few days of steroids. 
It will stop the bark (but does not cure the cold) and will keep them from getting into severe respiratory distress.  

Roger Knapp MD

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