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The Knapp Family's Page
Last updated: June 27, 2017

                                                            Roger and Janet Knapp


And the grandchildren: How quickly they grow up.

 and dogs Harley                                    and Winni  (Winnifred)



Trip on Narrow Boats in England Canals.


2016 Anniversary Party

Mark and Stephanie Massey and son Harrison and daughter Parker

Mark and Stephanie were married in 2005.  She is working at the Mary Kay Corporate office
and Mark (graduate of UTA) is teaching History at a Frisco High School.  Children Harrison and Parker

Steven and Bethany Massey with daughter Ryan and Quinn

Our son Steven (graduate of TCU) works for Fresh Express. Bethany works at a Woman's Shelter. Children Quinn and Ryan.
 David & Janet Starr and Joshua & Michael & Jessica

Daughter Janet is a stay at home Mom with Michael Jessica  and  Joshua
Her husband David Starr is head of the computer system for a company in Houston. 

Roger and Rena Knapp and Emily and Amber. 
 Son Roger is a Principle Software Designer, and his wife Rena works at a Music School . 
Their daughters Amber and Emily.

 "A person honors their parents by being good parents to their children." 

Our page for Emily and Amber.


 Our page for Ryan and Quinn


Our Page for Joshua, Michael and Jessica


Our Page for Harrison and Parker

"The reward for tolerating the teenage years is your grandchildren!"

My mother made wonderful Sculptures. Here is a video of her works.  She lived in Corpus Christi, TX.



  Seaman A. Knapp    Great-Grandfather Seaman A. Knapp.     Read about his history.
Founder of Agriculture Extension Service and co-founder of the 4 H Clubs of America.