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Tear Duct Obstruction


The baby's tear duct that drains tears from the inside corner of the eye into the nose can get clogged with mucus. It causes the eye to tear all day and mat up after sleeping. If it has pus every hour and gets puffy, it is secondarily infected, call the office. But the problem is the clogged tear duct. Rule of three: Massage the eye three times a day or more. If the eye is normal three days in a row, stop massaging it. And if it is still clogged at three months old, call for an appointment to the ophthalmologist and they will probe it open. Yuck! Most of the time massaging it will fix it. You should put your finger in the inside corner of the eye and rock it into the corner of the eye to express or pill role the corner of the eye. Do this firmly like you rub you eyes in the morning.

Mention this at the visits and I'll show you how. Call if it continues to 3 months old. We do not want to wait after 6 months.

Dr. Knapp