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Lesson 1

You know how to find where numbers go by looking at the rows and columns.
Here the 1 goes into the yellow square because of the 1's in the TM and TR boxes
and the 1 in the ML box.  I recommend also putting a notation of the number if you
have it narrowed down to two squares in one box.  The two red 1's are placed
in the MC box.  Then the two blue 1's can be placed in the MR box.  And the two
green 1's can be put in the BL box.  Number 1 cannot be put into the BM and BR
boxes because you cannot narrow it down to one or two squares.

Then you do the same for 2 through 9.  After you finish 9, now you have to go back
and repeat it for 1 through 9 again because numbers that have been filled in will then
allow you to put more numbers in more squares that you could not do the first round.

After you found all those, look for spaces that can be filled in along rows and columns.
Also look for squares in boxes that can be filled since every box has to have 1 through 9. 
See future lessons on how to look for those that can be detected.