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Example 5 step by step solution

Place the 1s in the puzzle.  Include the ones notation if it is narrowed down to two squares in a box.


Now insert the 2s:


Now insert the 3s:


Now do the 4s:


Now do the 5s and 6s:   (notice there are no 5s that can be found.) The 6 is located because the upper Rt box the 6 will be in the bottom row.)


Now the 7s:


Now do the 8s:


Now find the 9s.  Remember about two numbers in the same squares lock up those squares.


Now go back through the numbers 1-9 and they will be shown in green.


Now find the 2s


Find the 3s and 4s:



Next find the 5s:


Find the 6s:


Find the 7s (none) and the 8s:

Note: you know where the center middle box 8s go because the 8s in the boxes above and below are both in the outer columns.


Now find the 9s: (notice squares that get locked up.)


Now we go back through the numbers again ... colored in blue.


Find the 2s: (this locks up some squares and shows you where several other numbers now go.)


Next find the 3s:


Now you can write in a lot more numbers that must go in certain squares plus work on 4s and 5s.


You now can find a lot of numbers .... 8s and 9s as well as others that will fall in place:


Last ... it is easy to finish all the rest of the numbers in the squares.

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