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Videos of mine on how to solve sudoku:

And if you are stuck with no more moves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCDkTstcxSY


Sudoku Lesson    Begining

The lessons for Sudoku are several.  However you will use these techniques simultaneously when solving a puzzle.  The trick is to make notes at the top of the squares when you have a number narrowed down to 2 possible squares in a box.  We will name the boxes for our lessons this way:

So the boxes are named TopLeft (TL) etc.  The "Box" is the larger square with the 9 smallest squares.
Rows go across sideways and Columns go up and down.

I do not remmend putting all the possible numbers in a square that could possibly go in it.
There are too many numbers all over the place and you cannot see what is important.

The main techniques are

1. Same number in 3 boxes
2. Putting numbers in 2 squares
3. Locked squares
4. Finding missing numbers in Columns/Rows/Boxes

These are done many times simultaneously.  We will go over these techniques but many times look at
two or more of them at the same time.

When you are feeling stumped, keep going back over comparing numbers 1-9 in different boxes.
Then try finding missing numbers in rows or columns and see if you can eliminate them comparing the opposite
direction.  After that, look at the numbers missing in a certain box of nine squares and see if you can find where they go
or if you can find some squares that can be "locked up". 

video 1 of example on how to solve a puzzle

video 2 of example on how to solve a puzzle

video 3 on a way to help solve it if stumped and no more squares can be solved.

This will solve all but the most impossible "evil" puzzles.  If stumped, then copy the puzzle,
pick a number that is in two of the squares of a box, and put it in one of the squares.  Continue to solve the puzzle and
if you find it does not work, then take the copy and choose the other square. 

LESSON 1-8   Click here for lessons


After finishing the lessons, try these examples.

Example 1 video click here

Example 2 video click here

Example 3 puzzle click here   

Example 4 puzzle click here

Example 5 puzzle click here



Download and print free Sudoku puzzles:   http://www.websudoku.com/