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Newsymail 1999

Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 07:02:29 -0500

I am starting a news letter coming out every week or two with a quick article of interest. Short and interesting. Email me if you want off the list.

Dr. Knapp

Several recent studies have suggested that sunscreens may actually increase the risk of skin cancer. A new European study suggests how this may happen. Researchers in 4 cities conducted nevi counts on 631 children in primary schools. (A high acquired nevi count is a strong predictor of melanoma in adults.) Parents were interviewed about sun exposure, sunscreen use, and physical sun protection of their children. After adjustment for eye color, sun exposure, and other factors, the children with the highest levels of sunscreen use also had the highest nevi counts. Those with the fewest nevi were those who most often wore sun-protective clothing. The results suggest that parents become cavalier about a child's sun exposure when using a high-SPF sunscreen. Children may be better off wearing sun-protective clothing. Autier P, Dore J-F, Cattaruzza MS, et al. Sunscreen use, wearing clothes, and number of nevi in 6- to 7-year-old European children. J Natl Cancer Inst. 1998;90:1873-1880.

Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1999 07:34:48 -0500

Acid heart burn, stomach pain, and ulcers are frequently caused by an infection by a germ called H. pylori. There is a test for it although not highly accurate. If the infection is treated, your acid and stomach symptoms are gone for years and sometimes forever. This happens in children too. One thinks of this if the usual stomach aches of childhood are more frequent and more severe.

Dr. Knapp

Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 22:21:49 -0500

Did you know the most common way to get rabies is from bats? You cannot feel the bite!!! If you or anyone you know finds a bat in the house, everyone in the house should get rabies shots. Rabies shots now are only 4 shots in the arm... not 21 in the stomach.

Dr. Knapp

Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 00:42:30 -0500

You can lower your cholesterol only small amounts with exercise and diet. There is a medication Lipitor or similar brand that will lower it to 150s and you will live longer with less heart attacks and strokes ... with no side effects. It is also for teens with high cholesterol. We test teen's cholesterol if the family has high values. Also be sure to take aspirin and antioxidant vitamins for less cancer and heart attack death.

Dr. Knapp

Date: Sat, 8 May 1999 19:54:09 -0500

Misconceptions to hits on the head. 1. The goose egg is blood. Ice does not help any more than quick application of pressure with your hand for 2 minutes. 2. One frequently vomits once after a blow to the head, watch for repeated vomiting. 3. It is OK to go to sleep but wake them up every 1-2 hours to be sure they are not in a coma. 4. You do not have to watch the pupils, they change after coma occurs. Watch for a "drunken state". That is more worrisome and call for help with that.

Dr. Knapp

Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 21:58:53 -0500

Fever is our friend. Fever does not harm children or adults. 105 does not cause brain damage like they said in the old days. In fact high temp kills the germs and is God's way of helping us fight off the infection. Give fever medication to feel better but it is not necessary to prevent it.

Dr. Knapp

Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 11:47:47 -0500

Trampoline injuries are 84,000 a year = fractured arms, legs and necks. One a year die. Injuries are most common with multiple jumpers. Most do not recommend them. I still do not recommend them but there is one for sale now at Sams with a wall around the edge so they can't fall off.

Dr. Knapp

Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 23:15:19 -0500

Did you know patients who were put on Tagamet for ulcers, that 40% of them lost all their warts?!!! Freezing them half of them recur. Now Tagamet is a treatment for them and it is over the counter. The treatment for them is a high but safe dose of 20 mg for each pound of body weight three times a day. So a 40 lb child would get 800 mg three times a day. That would be the maximum and not more than 800 three times a day. That is higher than the adult dose on the bottle but the label dose is too low and most adults should take more. See article at web site for more information: www.rogerknapp.com

Dr. Knapp

Date: Mon, 7 Jun 1999 21:50:36 -0500

If your feet sweat alot and there is odor and fungus, you can stop your feet from sweating like you do your underarms. use antiperspirant that you use on the underarms and use it on the feet after the bath. No sweat and then no odor or athlete's feet.

Dr. Knapp

Date: Sat, 12 Jun 1999 13:57:56 -0500

What is the number one cause of death in the home? It is not guns or fire. Not even heart attacks or allergies. It is falls!!!!!. So be careful when climbing up on anything. Ladders or roofs. Tie a rope around your waist when up on the roof.

Dr. Knapp

Date: Sat, 19 Jun 1999 21:03:18 -0500

Head lice are becoming resistant to the lice shampoos. If your child (or you) has them, try the shampoo Rid and rinse with Nix. If it does not phase them, then the cure is to suffocate them with Vasceline in the hair. YUK! But is works. Apply all over to hair and scalp and put a shower cap on them over night. Then start trying to wash it all out. Repeat in 1 week. This will work. You also can try Olive oil. (virgin of course). I do not know if it works on pubic lice (another yuk.) Ask the adult doctors.

Dr. Knapp

Date: Sun, 4 Jul 1999 06:38:45 -0500

Acne can be caused by makeup in teenagers or adults. Ladies need to use makeup that is "noncomedogenic". It should not have Isopropyl isostearate, Isopropyl myristate, or Isopropyl palmitate.

Dr. Knapp

Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 06:43:44 -0500

Infant shoes did not prevent flat feet in large studies. So now we recommend any well fitted shoe. Those tennis shoes are cute. If you are going to have flat feet, then that is the way they are made. If the feet hurt then special shoes will help with comfort but not cure it. Kids with flat feet need these in their teens or adult years.

Dr. Knapp

Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 21:47:40 -0500

We worry when our children gain too much weight. It is not healthy. Cut back the TV and video game time to decrease that tendency. But getting them to lose is dificult. They have to want to lose. We usually do not see an adult woman lose weight for her husband, she will lose it so she can wear those clothes and look nice. The child will not lose it for us. They will lose it when they want to look nice for someone. If the whole family "eats healthy" it will help. The parent is to encourage and be there with information when they are ready, but not to be the police and make them not eat, because they will behind your back anyway. THEY have to want to lose.

Dr. Knapp

Date: Sat, 31 Jul 1999 21:24:42 -0500

Test to see if someone has appendicitis or just stomach pain. Anything that jiggles the stomach contents will cause pain if there is appendicitis, just as it does after an operation.

The two best tests are: 1. have the person cough and there will be a grimace on their face indicating pain. You do not want to ask them if it hurts, just read the face expresions. Especially if it is a child. 2. have the person lie flat on the bed and pound solidly on the bottom of one of their feet. That will jiggle the stomach and cause stomach pain. Watch the face for the grimace that it hurt and ask the person where it hurt. Again do not lead them into the answer but let them tell you if it hurt and where. If these cause abdominal pain, then the doctor needs to see them.

Dr. Knapp

Date: Sat, 7 Aug 1999 21:41:30 -0500

Animal bites are bad in children (or adults) so be careful of your and other family's pets. Dog bites are more scaring. Cat and Ferret bites get more infected. Irrigate with a forceful stream of water, use betadine (it does not sting), don't use hydrogen peroxide, and if if looks infected, see the doctor for antibiotics like Augmenten.

Dr. Knapp

Date: Sat, 14 Aug 1999 15:17:46 -0500

Ever hear of the Hunta Virus. Very deadly. On the increase this year in Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, California, Arizona, Montana, Washington St. and even New York. It probably is in other states but not recognized or the mice soon migrating there. The germ is in the droppings of mice (esp. Dear Mice.) Caution when camping or cleaning out areas where there are droppings or nests.

Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 22:24:34 -0500

Ear wax is yucky but not harmful. To clean it out do not use q-tips. Put wax softener med from store (Debrox, ceruminex, Etc) and after 15 min flush the ear canal with body temperature water. This will not cause pain but a roaring sound. Some use a water pic for the teeth to irrigate the ear. It will not cause infections if clean tap water. Some put hydrogen peroxide in their ear to clean it out. Then there is a Ear Wax wick candle that has a long tube and you actually light the end of it. WOW. I have'nt tried it but many think it works for teens and adults. What ever!!!

Dr. Knapp

Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 22:04:50 -0500

Following your children's height and weight is fun but also important. There are diseases that cause the height to stop going up or the weight to decrease before other symptoms occur. Thyroid disease, growth hormone, and Colitis are a few. There is a new drug for ulcerative colitis called Remicade that is great. So keep those measurements each year.

Dr. Knapp

Date: Mon, 6 Sep 1999 20:29:52 -0500

There were only 100 cases of Measles in 1998 and less this year. Most are related to imported cases from other countries. Polio has been eliminated from North and South America. Small Pox has been eliminated from the world ... gone like the dinosaur. Vaccinations are great and do have extremely rare complications as you will read in the news and internet. It is still important to get them. I have not seen Meningitis in 9 years and now so rare you hear about it in the news ... because it is rare. It went from 10,000 to now less that 50. Half are brain damaged and 10% die with medical care. we are trying to make them even more safe. Ignore the fanaticals and continue getting vaccinated.

Dr. Knapp

Date: Sun, 12 Sep 1999 22:09:54 -0500

Parents and caregivers continue to underestimate the risk of infant suffocation from beds, bedding, plastic bags or bedsharing, according to researchers who reviewed 2178 suffocation cases occurring between 1980 and 1997. They found an increase in the most frequent causes of infant suffocation: wedging between a bed and mattress or wall, and obstruction of the nose and mouth. Wedging occurred primarily in 3- to 6-month-old infants who had begun to develop mobility. Of those with nose and mouth obstruction, 80% were less than 7 months old. The researchers concluded that for an infants best protection, parents should make sure cribs comply with safety standards and are properly maintained.

Dr. Knapp

Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 22:45:39 -0500

Influenza can be serious. 50% of those who have the Flu seek medical care; 1% of these patients are hospitalized, and 8% of those hospitalized die. This equates to 25,000 deaths each year. Or even worse would be to miss a week of work/school. Be sure to have the adults and teens get their flu shots. Children who have lung (asthma) and heart problems should also get them.

Dr. Knapp

Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1999 19:51:17 -0500

Meningococcus is a germ that causes serious blood infections and meningitis. They have high fever and rash. It literally can kill in hours. Thank goodness it's rare. Most cases are in 0-4 yr olds. It also hits young adults 16-24, although any age can get it. There is a 80% effective vaccine for it and only given to those in an area of outbreak. Recent recommendations to vaccinate all college students was reported, but the rate of disease was only 2 times as much as non college students and still quite rare. You may hear about this on the news. Most authorities still do not recommend vaccinating all college students. You will hear about it if there is a change. Beware of fever, extreme weakness, and small cherry red dots all over. (No you don't get it from eating cherries).

Dr. Knapp

Date: Sun, 3 Oct 1999 22:49:12 -0500

Antioxidants like Vit C, Vit E, and Betacerotene have been proven to decrease heart disease and cancer. You should take them. Large studies showed that Vit C does not do anything for Colds, but give it to your children to decrease cancer. Most kids should take Vitamins and adults too. We just don't have time to eat like we should and if we eat less meat we do not get enough Iron and Zinc.

Dr. Knapp

Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 21:46:41 -0500

Stereo earphones for music can be dangerous to your hearing. High pitched sound does far more damage than the deep base, window shaking, tones you hear from the teenage cars. Monitor the volume of your children's earphones. I feel that wearing the ear phones during normal times that the family interacts ( such as eating, sitting around the house, driving in the car, shoping in the stores) causes the child to "divorce" themselves from the family psychologically. They do not desire to communicate or understand what others around them are doing, feeling, or thinking. Many adult morals and characters are transmitted to children by the parents talking about these topics and the child overhearing them. This is more effective than lecturing to their face. Earphones should be worn when no one else is with them. For example walking alone, mowing lawns, or alone in the room. Also watch out, monitor, and approve what music they are playing. Do not be afraid to tell them they cannot listen to certain music. If the overall tone and sounds of the music sounds like "hate" instead of upbeat "happier" music, it will affect their attitudes just like watching violent movies.

Dr. Knapp

Date: Sun, 17 Oct 1999 20:30:10 -0500

Inhalent abuse is more common that you think. They use gasoline, lighter fluid, butane, propane, sprays, aerosols, glue, solvents, amyl nitrite, ether, nitrous oxide, and cleaning fluids. they start as young as 10 years old. Most deaths occur in when they are alone in the bedroom. Watch for used containers, chemical oder on their breath, or acting drunk without alcohol breath, nausea and loss of appetite, anxiety, irritability, red or runny eyes or nose, spots or sores on mouth or lips, paint or stains on body or clothes. Inhaling fumes preceeds cigarettes and drugs by 2 years. Always be observant and know what your kids are doing.

Dr. Knapp

Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 07:11:29 -0500

Yes we still take out tonsils but not as much as we used to do. Indications are: if there are 6 tonsillitis in one year or 3/yr over a 4 year period, if there is an abscess behind the tonsil, if there is speech difficulties, if there is poor weight gain, and the most common is: if there is sleep apnea (stop breathing). There is a mortality to the procedure and there are complications to the operation. So the tonsils have to give you allot of trouble to warrant the risk. We don't do it just because it is big. (I'm talking about tonsils.)

Dr. Knapp

Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 19:38:32 -0600

Children are bowlegged the first year or two and knock kneed around 6 years old and straight by teens. This is a normal transition.

Dr. Knapp

Date: Sun, 7 Nov 1999 15:19:26 -0600

We are always asked to look at Moles to see if they might be Melanoma. Here are pictures that will demonstrate it. Look for the deep redness around invading surrounding skin, as well as it becoming more black.

Dr. Knapp

Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 23:32:29 -0600

Children below 5 years old can get an infection of the skin around the anus that causes sorness, itching, and refusal to have BMs. If there are symptoms and redness of the skin around the anus, you might have your doctor look at it. (Not our fun thing to do!) It can be cured by antibiotics.

Dr. Knapp

Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 17:31:32 -0600

Diarrhea can be caused by several things in children. Teething if past 1 year old and only for 2-3 days. Allergy to food or milk. Something they ate (grass, dead bug, dog food or worse) and this is only for 2-3 days too. Infection .... esp. Giardia. It causes diarrhea for weeks without a normal BM. And it is contageous. If they have diarrhea for more than a week, you need to see the Pediatrician. It is contageous and can be treated.

Dr. Knapp

Date: Sun, 5 Dec 1999 17:32:33 -0600

Bed wetting is a common problem. 10% in 6yr olds, 35 in jr high, and 15 in 20yr olds. It is a phase of sleep and the person cannot help it. There is a medication called ADDAP that keeps patients (over 5 yr.) dry that night that they take the medication. It will not "cure" it. There also is an alarm bell device that helps for older children over 7 years old. This stops the bed wetting but does not work in everyone. If you want to look into it: http://members.aol.com/DryNite/index.html or search for "bedwetting alarms"

Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 06:07:58 -0600

Watch out for the poisonous plants this time of year: Mistle toe and red berries in the bushes outside.

Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 19:53:15 -0600

Colic! Baby cries alot for a few hours in the evenings between 6 and midnight. It is not gas, and the gas medications usually do not help. You can call for Levsin Drops for cramps and see if it helps, which it sometimes does. One can try a different formula and rarely it helps. Mostly we just rock them or put them into the swing. This stops between 2 and 3 months.

Dr. Knapp

Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 06:07:33 -0600

I get alot of questions about allowances. I feel children should have a few responsibilities that are performed no matter what. They also need to learn money management. So an allowance that is not connected to performance and not withdrawn for punishment, can be given every week. ( Punishment can be forfeting some money after you give it to them?) An amount big enough to be important ($1 is nothing) but not so big they can get anything and have leftover $. They need to save for the big things. They will find that buying that cheap flimsy thing breaks ... by example. Not by your fussing at them and not allowing them to buy it. Let them buy anything that is not immoral, or illegal. They can earn extra money by doing extra chores around the house that is not their usual ones. You and I have made mistakes with our money and so will they. It is a learning thing!!!

Dr. Knapp