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Redneck Olympics
These are some fun events that everyone can participate in. Have your own family Redneck Olympics.  Keep score.

You Pick the distance for all these events.

1.  Dear head toss.   Toss 5 rings (Dryer hose clamps) onto antlers.  Get up to 3 points for the first three rings and fifth one double.  Different horns get different points (1, 2 or 3) or one point for each ring on any horn.

(It's a plastic deer head.)

Toilet seat horse shoes.  Plunger in ground and 6 ft diameter marked off.  Two practice throws and then two real tosses for points.  1pt for on the area.  2 points inside area.  3 points leaning against post.  5 points for ringer (draw line between tips of seat and it must be past the post).  (The post is a doweling pounded into the ground and the rubber plunger put over it.)

Armadillo bowling (plastic armadillo).  Pins are 10 long neck plastic bottles.  Two practice throws.  Then one or two throws for 1 point for each bottle knocked over.  Also can do one more throw at 1 pin for 5 points at a farther distance.

BB gun shooting at 10 beer cans.  10 shots.  Retry if BB is misfired and no BB comes out. Last can is worth 5 points. Or hip shot and hit last can for 5 points.

Tortilla toss.  Target is grill with 6 foot diameter circle on the ground.  Four practice throws and then four tortillas thrown for points.  2 points for inside circle.  3 points for hanging of edge of grill.  4 points for in the grill.