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Cast your child's hands for a keepsake.

Making a cast of your child’s hands (or yours holding your child’s hand) is fun and makes a great keepsake. 
Here is some of the hands we have made of our grandchildren.

1.  PerfectCast Casting Material    https://www.amazon.com/PerfectCast-Casting-Material-2-lbs/product-reviews/B0006O87CS

2.  Alja-Safe
3. Tub for mold. 



Here is a video on casting hands. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3Ow2FAWvKI


It is important to vibrate the alginate to get bubbles out before putting hands in to liquid and make mold.

Also It is difficult to get smooth casting material into mold without bubbles and to get the casting liquid into the finger tips.   This was our first attempt.  Notice bubbles effects and bubbles that were at finger tips causing casting liquid not to get to tips.


If you will pour half the hand with casting liquid, then tip the mold with back of hand upward and vibrate the mold to jiggle air bubbles out, then pour rest of the mold with casting liquid.  This will cut down chances of bubbles in finger tips.

This is fun and messy.   Infants cry sometimes but they will get over it. LOL.