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Seaman A. Knapp


History of Seaman Knapp

Copy of book:
Seaman A. Knapp
By Joseph Cannon Bailey
Founder of the Agriculture Extension Service

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Dr. Knapp’s true goal was “to create a better people…. High-minded, stalwart, courageous, and brave.  You are beginning at the bottom to influence the masses of mankind, and ultimately those masses always control the destiny of a country.  If you allow their practices to sink lower and lower the country must ultimately drop to a lower level in moral, political, and religious tone, and we go down to degradation and infamy as a nation; but if we begin at the bottom and plant human action upon the rock of high principles, with right cultivation of the soil, right living for the common people, and comforts everywhere … the people will lend their support and all civilization will arise higher and higher, and we shall become a beacon light to all the nations of the world.”