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Knapp Arch in Washington DC

This arch was dedicated to Seaman A. Knapp in 1936

1936 Group picture L to R:

Bradford Knapp (grandfather), Bradford Knapp, Jr. (uncle Brad), Ethel Ward Knapp (wife of Uncle Brad), Virginia Knapp (Aunt Ginny), Stella White Knapp (Grandmother Ė wife of Bradford Knapp), Laura Storms Knapp (wife of Great Uncle Seaman, she and two men started started the Gerber Baby food Company. Her son is Vice President of Gerbers when Aunt Tiny talked to him some time ago (12/03/2000)), Agustus M. Mayo (Uncle Gus, husband of Aunt Minnie), Inez (B. C.) Knapp Watson Watkins (Great Uncle Arthurís oldest Daughter), Seaman A. Knapp (Great Uncle Hermanís son), Inez ??? Knapp (Uncle Arthurís wife), S. Arthur Knapp (Great Uncle Art), Jeannette Knapp Stoddard (Great Uncle Hermanís daughter), Sterling Stoddard (husband of Jeannette Knapp, Great Uncle Hermanís daughter)