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Email for Dr. Knapp

Because the government regulations for HIPAA for privacy of health information, we must communicate by encrypted email and only to my established patients. 
I can not communicate with people that are not my established patients.  

You will need to sign this consent for Email communication and bring it in, fax it (817-329-9239) or mail it to my office.  
Your email that states you have mailed/faxed in the consent form will be enough for me for the first time user.

I cannot diagnose or treat illnesses over email.  This is more for questions.

Be sure to send their name and birth date with email questions.

Email address is:


I will answer questions as soon as possible.  Most times it will be less than 24 hours and rarely 48 hours.  If there is a longer time, then I am out of touch and you need to contact the office.

Sincerely yours

Roger Knapp MD