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Try this example.


Now if you fill in as many of the numbers and their two possibilities you will get to this point and cannot find
any more.  There is a way to continue even though it looks like you are stuck.  Try to figure out how to keep
going before looking at the last picture of the puzzle.

Solution:    read below if you cannot find it.



In the lower right box the 5 and 9 have two squares locked up.  The remaining numbers that go in that box
are 1, 3, and 8.  They go in the lowest three squares of the column that goes down the middle of the
right hand boxes.  The other numbers missing in that column is 2, 4, and 6.  They go in the upper two boxes.
The 6 will go in the top square because 2 and 4 are in that row.  We would not be able to solve this
without knowing the 5 and 9 lock up the two squares.  Here is the finished puzzle solved.