Boston Bridge  Or it could have other names.

This card game is like Spades but you can play with any number of people and the suit may change.
It is fun and crazy.

Play with any number of people, 3-10

 Deal out cards until the cards will not go around to everyone.  If there are enough cards to finish exactly dealing out all the cards, keep some back so that there are extra cards not dealt out during each hand.  Then on the next hand one less card is dealt.  So for example if there are 6 people playing, you will deal 8 cards to each person and 4 cards would be left over.  Then the next hand deal out 7, then 6, then 5, on down to the last hand where 1 card is dealt out.

 Place the pile of cards that are left over and not dealt out on the table face down and turn over the top card. The suit of that card is trump.   Just like in spades, the spades are trump.  So if a club is turned over, then you are playing “clubs” just like a game of spades only the trump is clubs.  The suit of trump will change every hand.

 The dealer rotates one person to the left each hand.  The person to the left of dealer makes the first bid and each person makes just one bid.  That person to the left will play the first card.  Everyone bids the number of tricks that he can make so there are no teams.  Each person bids one time only and the bidding goes around once until everyone has bid.   The dealer will bid last.  The last bidder cannot bid the number of tricks that would cause the total of everyone's tricks adds up to the total number of possible tricks that could be taken. (which equals the number of cards dealt in that hand).  So for example if 6 cards are dealt out and there are 5 people playing.  The first person bids 1, the second bids 2, the third bids 0, the fourth bids 1.  That adds up to 4 tricks bid so far and there is one last bidder which is the dealer.  He cannot bid 2 since that would make it add up to 6.   He can bid 0, 1, 3, 4, 5, or 6.   But he cannot bid 2 since that would make the total tricks add up to the exact number of tricks that would be taken that hand (which equals the number of cards in your hand at that time.)  So that way each hand someone will not make their bid exactly.

 Scoring: You get 10 points if you make your bid exactly.  Not less or more.  You also get 1 point for each trick taken.   So example is one person bid 2 and made 2; then he would get 10 points plus 1 for each trick and have a total of 12 for that hand.  Another person had a good hand and bid 6.  He made 7 tricks but did not make his bid exactly.  So he only gets 7 points.  This way you can make a lot of points no matter if you get a lot of trump or not.  In Spades, if you don’t get some spades dealt to you, then you cannot make any points.  In this Boston game there is no “nello” but you do get 10 points if you bid 0 and make 0 tricks.  So the one who wins this game after all the points are added up from all the hands, is usually the one who makes his bid exactly the most times. 

 There is a lot of guess work in this game as you get to fewer cards and the hardest hand is the last one where only one card is dealt.  To be the dealer is frustrating because you may have the ace of trump but not be able to bid 1 because the total of bids would not allow you to bid 1.  So if 5 people are playing and all four players bid 0 and you have the ace of trump, then you cannot bid 1 since that adds up to the total tricks and it forces you to bid 0.  Yeow!